Real powerful magic rings

Dr Simon deals in serious and powerful magic rings. Magic rings are real jewelery that has been worked on and prepared to posse magical powers.  and these rings can perform differently depending on what the ring was prepared or commanded to do.  Not every magic ring that you see or have that can perform or do everything that  you want.

Magical rings are not by appearance or the way the ring has been decorated. all rings can be turned a into magical ring. even that simple wedding ring, can be worked on and turned into a magical ring. actually the best magical ring is that you bought yourself from the shop and bring it to me to perform the rituals to make it or turn it into a magical ring. you get very comfortable using it and no one can suspect that you are wearing a magic ring because it just look like any other normal ring.

You can have a magic ring for protection again harm, enemies, evil and all kind of negative energies. You can also use a bangle or bracelet.

Another use of a magical ring is for luck. bringing good luck to you in whatever you are doing especially anything about money or finances, games of chances , accumulate and keep wealth and many more.

There also magical rings to completely stop divorce. marriage breaking up and complete marriage binding.

You can also use magical rings to make someone love you, find love, get back someone, make yourself attractive so that you attract the people you wish to have in your life. it  can be about love, business, friendship or any other purpose. 

If you want a perfect magic ring, do not buy the readymade magic ring because it might not fully help you. you need to ask the spell caster to customize the ring to suit all your needs as explained.  

Zwanamina and Korobela

Zwanamina and Korobera. these are two powerful African charms that has been used by generation to keep love in African families.  it is very famous in south Africa and it can be more powerful than love spells because, these herb charms can be use or applied to the person that you want to work on.  These are mixed African herbs with a very powerful chemistry in them.  


The work of Zwanamina is to make your lover crazy in love with you, madly in love with you, make someone fall in love with you, make the person love you alone and very deep so that he or she won't care about anything while the work of Korobela is to make your lover listen, obey, do and understand everything that you say or ask.

It is very easy to use this kind of stuffs as there are no rituals that are needed  and they are used once off.  no need to use them every day.  But if you are to use them on someone that you want to stop cheating, fix marriage or relationship with, someone you want to listen and do as you say, get back someone, it must be not  late. you need to use them while you are still together or still in contact.  because you can only use these charms by mixing with food, drinks, bathing water or during sex. so if you cannot use them like the above, then this is not for you.

If you would like to use these herbal charms, you still need to explain your problem in details to me so that I can pick up the right mixture that will tackle every problem.  As any other magic, these charms are also customized to suit your need.

If you place your order and you are outside south Africa, you can get these charms in 9 working days (delivery)

Black magic Voodoo Dolls

Voodoo dolls comes in various different forms, such practices are found in the Magical traditions of many cultures and religions across the world. There voodoo for good and  bad deeds. ie, you can use a voodoo doll to make someone love you, listen to you, give you what you want, say what you want or act as what you want. someone to love you more or fall in love with you. But you can also use the voodoo doll to cause harm to someone especially when you are looking for revenge.  There also voodoo dolls for financial problem but those one depends on what you are doing for the living. 

There different kinds of dolls. Europeans, African and Asian. and the one i give to you is an African one which is the most powerful witchcraft voodoo doll. 

Voodoo are used by piercing them with pins as you pray" (saying out what you want to happen between you and the other person. 

If you need a voodoo doll for any reason, just contact and talk to me. 

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